Downloading Your Files

1.  Please  login, if you aren't already.  (

2.  You can get to your contest page by clicking My Contest:  

3.  Click the Files tab
4.   Click ZIP to download your complete file package, or alternately you can download the individual files.

Note: If it says " This contest is currently being reviewed by Administrators." please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can do a manual review.  
5.  Open the Downloads folder on your device.  (Or whatever location your downloads go to)

A zip file on a Mac.
6.  On both Mac & Windows 10 machines double clicking the file will open it.
7.   If you are satisfied with the files you can click the Approve Final Files and the prize will be release to the designer.
Note:  AI and EPS file formats are design software specific and most users won't have the software to view them properly.  If you would like us to review any of your files please Contact support and we would be glad to help.  Every designer on LogoTournament undergoes file checks to ensure that our customers receive top notch files.  

LogoTournament will always retain a copy of your logo files on our secure cloud as a backup.  

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us