What fonts are acceptable

An acceptable font is one that allows for commercial use and one that has met all licensing terms.  

Designers are responsible for ensuring that they have met the font licensing requirements for each of their entries.  This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the commercial fonts you have used have met the terms of use and, if applicable, purchased the font from a reputable Type Foundry
  • Confirming that commercial use is acceptable for the freeware or donationware used. 

If you can't find the licensing information for a particular font, do not use it.

Fonts should be reduced to outlines or shapes

 Fonts must be reduced to outlines or shapes before uploading your final files to the site.  This is to ensure that the font itself is not required or inadvertently provided (which could violate the font's license). 

Do not send the Client the font file

If a client requests the font file the best approach is to send a link to the source so they can purchase it themselves.  

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