Design, Concept & Layout


Designers often have trouble seeing the difference(s) between their designs and that of a fellow Designer. The following information should be considered before entering a design or starting a Logo Court.

The following elements of your logo must be unique:

Design Composition

How your logo is planned, organized and fashioned needs to be unique and must not copy elements of logos submitted by other designers earlier in the contest.
If you feel your image is too similar to another designers entry, DO NOT submit.
There are unedited fonts that are common and obvious and should not be brought to Logocourt, especially if examples are given.  


The general idea for your logo needs to be unique and not used by other designers earlier in the contest unless that idea has been stated in the contest brief. 


How you arrange the design on the work area must be unique. This can include how you arrange shapes and the placement of fonts in relation to the shapes.
Some layouts are too common to bring to Logocourt. A couple examples of this are having a title on top of the tagline with an icon on the left or having an icon on the left with a vertical line separator with text (basic stacked or not).
TIP: If you reduce your colours to black and white and then compare logos it may help you determine if your logo is significantly different from those of other designers. 

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