Private Contest Responsibilities

Clients who create private contests rightly want their proprietary information hidden.

Please understand that divulging private information from a Private contest could lead to serious legal consequences for you or your business by Clients.
By viewing a private contest you agree to not disclose private data made available by the client in the contest for any purpose.
Any contests that are marked Private will hide ALL entries. Clients may pay for the Private upgrade when the contest starts or later. 
If you wish to use your winning image from a Private contest for your off-site portfolio you must ask permission from the client. If the client allows you to use the your winning image in your portfolio ensure you do not show that the design was made via the Logotournament contest format. 
All other images submitted in Private contests may not be displayed off the LogoTournament site unless information related to the contest is removed. This may include the name of the contest, the client's name, or other private information from the brief. 

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