Prize splits

Designers working together

Ideally one Designer should win a contest, however, situations sometimes arise where Designers will work together to create a winning entry.

In such cases, one Designer will need to be designated the winner and receive the prize. The two designers will share the prize as they have agreed. Payment information will need to worked out between Designers. Please inform Support about the agreement. 

Designers who do not fulfill a prize split agreement will be banned.

Anyone who tries to game the site by habitually trying to force people into splitting prizes may have their account banned.

When a client wants to combine two designs into one logo

If the Client wants two designs from the contest combined into one logo they will need to contact the respective designers or Support to see if they are willing to accept a prize split arrangement.  
We realize this is not an ideal situation but there are usually two ways that this will go if a client is set on a combination logo:
A prize split CANNOT be worked out:
  • Neither designer will get the prize
  • The client will request a refund, resulting in negative community feelings
  • The client will feel wronged and this will become a negative advertisement for LogoTournament. The client will likely convey these negative feeling they have towards LogoTournament to everyone they know.
A prize split CAN be worked out:
  • By splitting the prize both designers will get paid.
  • The two designers will have to compromise
  • The client will be likely to provide positive referrals resulting in more contests over time

We feel the the lesser of two evils is for designers to work out a split.  That is why we request that designers remain flexible in these situations.  If designers are having trouble agreeing on a fair split they can ask Support to help. Support may help by asking the community for feedback to determine what is fair. 

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