Prize splits

When prize splits are required

Ideally one designer should win a contest. In certain situations a prize split will be required to resolve the situation. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • The Client updates the brief with a Designer's unique idea
  • The Client instructs Designer A to use a unique element from Designer B (unbeknown to Designer A)
  • The Client wishes to combine unique elements from two different Designers
  • Designer A files a "Similar to my logo in this contest" case against Designer B. Designer B loses the Logo Court, and then goes on to the win the contest.
  • Two Designers decide to work together to increase their chances of winning

Why prize splits

Splits work much better than removals. In the past LogoTournament had used a policy of removing entries to settle conflicts. Removals often result in very upset clients, refunds, negative reviews of the site, and ultimately less designers getting paid. Splits keep clients happy, get designers paid more on average, but they do require compromise. We understand that comprise can be difficult in a competitive environment, and we appreciate the efforts of all LogoTournament designers to resolve their issues.

How LogoTournament determines a fair prize split

Our process for determining a split works in a three steps:

1) What specifically does the plaintiff designer claim as protectable in their logo? We will define this as the claim.

2) Is there anything in the claim, that should not be considered due to the claim having elements or inspiration from:

a) The Brief.

b) Obvious or Commonplace ideas.  If 3 or more designers entered the same concept or element in the Blind phase, it will be considered Obvious or Commonplace.  

c) Basic building blocks of design.

3) With the distilled claim, we ask: What percentage of the overall logo is a result of the claim?

How to request a split

Please have both designers contact support.  In most cases, it will likely be a LogoTournament administrator determining the split process above.  If designers are able to agree to split beforehand that would be welcomed, but not expected.

Once the prize split is determined, we will administer the split on our side.  Your payment page will show what % of the prize you will receive.

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