Refunded Contests and Participation Payments


Our ability to convince clients to pay for a logo contests is anchored by a strong Money Back Guarantee.  Without this, it is unlikely LogoTournament would be able to exist in such a competitive marketplace.

Here is the Guarantee that we offer LogoTournament clients:

Money Back Guarantee

  1. If you did not receive at least 30 unique entries, you will receive a 100% refund.  
  2. If you received more than 30 unique entries, you will receive your payment back less a $75 USD Participation fee that goes directly to the #1 designer.

The number of unique designs is assessed by looking at the number of separate entries that look different from each other.  Variations will not be counted as a unique logo.

This policy is put in place to minimize your chance of being unsatisfied, but to also build a high level of confidence in your logo contest which will attract the highest quality designers.  

In both cases  LogoTournament does not retain any fees, as we believe we should not be earning anything if a client doesn't walk away happy.

This policy attempts to strike a balance between minimizing risk for clients while acknowledging the time and efforts of the design community.  

We realize that designers are understandably upset when refunds do occur, as it's like running a race and having it cancelled before reaching the finish line.  With this in mind, we have continually worked at improving the site to minimize refunds which can range between 2-3%.  We retain no fees for refunds and they actually cost us in payment processing fees. 

Participation Payments

If you are in a contest that has 30 or more unique designs and the client initiates a refund, a $75 participation payment will usually be paid to the #1 ranked designer.  If rankings do not exist, the #1 designer can be determined by Client comments, Administration selection, or a Community vote.

Things to know

  • Participation payments will show in your Payments panel
  • In certain rare circumstances LogoTournament reserves the right to not award a participation payment in contests with more than 30 unique entries  if the circumstances of the contest do not warrant it.  
  • No Copyrights or Logo transfer of ownership occurs from a Participation payment.

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