Step 5 - Ideas

  • If you have an idea it's best to describe it in as much detail as possible.  
  • Sketch out your idea on a sticky note or white board (even if you can't draw) and take a picture. 
  • Listing your competitors websites & logos can be helpful to show designers who you want to differentiate yourself from.

Attachments and Reference Materials

Visual material is great!  The more you upload the better!  

Please note when uploading an attachment we ask you to designate which type of reference material you have provided:

Reference you own or have a license for
This is reference that is 100% your property or that of your client. Examples: photos, artwork etc. Designers may incorporate such imagery into your logo as a derivative work.
If you have a license or permission to use a certain logo or image that you have uploaded, please explain in the ideas box so designers can be aware of the situation.
Reference you do not own
These are images or clippings you might have found around the Internet, such as Google Images or images on Pinterest. These images or clippings are purely for reference or inspiration.

Stock Art should never be incorporated into a logo

  • A logo should be unique to a brand, and using a stock images that many others have access to defeats the purpose of a logo.
  • If you bought a stock image from a stock image site, you probably DO NOT own the image. You have only purchased a LIMITED license. In that case, Designers cannot use the image in your logo - it can only be used for reference. 

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