Step 6 - Prize + Upgrades

Choosing the best prize package

This is entirely up to you, but we do have some suggestions:
  • As the prize increases so does the quality and volume of designers
  • Your logo is long term investment in your business and is the first impression of your organization for years to come.  We are biased but think you should go for the largest prize package that makes sense to you.  A great logo can pay dividends for years.
  • Character or illustrative logos take much more time and effort for designers and will have best results with a minimum of the $475 Standard Prize Packge.

Featured Upgrade

The Featured upgrade will attract more designers by showing featured contests at the top, and include an exclusive email.  The Featured upgrade costs $50 USD.


The Private upgrade will hide your contest from everyone except approved LogoTournament designers.  This hides your contest from search engines like Google and competitors with prying eyes.  The upgrade costs $50 USD.

Winning Designers must ask explicit permission from the contest holder to display the logo in an off-site portfolio.

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