Step 7 - Payment

Save your Contest

To save your contest please enter:

  • Your Email
  • Username (this is the Username on the site)
  • Password (please create a unique password)

Alternately you can click the "Already have an account?" link if you have an existing account that you would like to log in with.

Billing information

Please enter your details and make sure everything is correct. This will ensure that your payment method is accepted in the next step.

Payment information

  • All contest are paid in US dollars ($USD)
  • Accepted Credit Cards are Visa & Mastercard
  • You can also pay with Paypal

In rare cases you might receive a processor declined or other error message.

Typical reasons for declines

  1. Billing information has been entered incorrectly or there is a small typo.  (Clicking your browser's back button will take you back to the Billing Information page)
  2. Payment information has been entered incorrectly or there is a small typo.
  3. Your credit card issuer or bank has an internal flag on certain types of online sellers.
  4. Some debit style cards and some business cards can have issues.
  5. You are not using Mastercard or Visa.

Potential Solutions

  • Please contact support and we will do our best to help you out.
  • Please double check that both your billing & payment information has been entered correctly.
  • Try an alternative card.
  • Please contact your card issuer and explain that you are getting declined. They may have put a hold on certain types of transactions and might be able to release it.

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