Blind Phase

The objective of the Blind Phase is to explore as many logo concepts as possible. All designers can submit, however, they cannot see each others' logos. We've made it Blind to increase the variety of initial ideas.

Some designers are going to follow what you've put in your Brief, and some are going to do their own thing.

The Blind Phase lasts for 4 days.


  • Please do not ask Designers to copy another submission's concept or design. If you have questions about whether you can ask Designers to use an idea please ask us at Support. That will ensure a fair contest for all. 

Things to know

  • Designers need time to develop their initial ideas so sometimes many entries won't start showing up until the last days or hours of this phase.
  • During the Blind Phase Designers cannot see entries or comments made by fellow Designers. All entries & comments during the Blind Phase will have a small Blind icon beside them.  
  • The Blind Open phase can only be extended before the phase runs out. However, if the Blind phase has ended we can create an Open phase where all designers can submit. In the Open phase designers will be able to see each others designs as they are submitted.

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