Finalists Phase

The objective of the Finalists Phase is to work with the Finalists designers for more personalized attention and dedicated service. The Five Finalists designers are based on how you rank your logos.

When you drag around the logos within the Ranked Logos box it will change who your top 5 designers are. By moving a designer up the ranks in the Ranked Logos box you can place them among the top 5 if you choose to.

Logos become visible to all LogoTournament designers.

The Finalist Phase lasts for 3 days.

Things to know

  • A Designer is much more likely to go farther with you if they are only competing with four other Designers instead of several dozen.
  • You will see an indication in your ranking area of which designers are your Finalists. 
  • If you have been ranking during the Open phase you will likely already have your Finalists when the phase transitions.

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