Client Activity - Signal Icon

The Importance of Keeping your Contest Active

The Signal icon represents a client's participation in their contest.  The design community sees this icon beside every contest, and is a key factor in their decision to participate.  There are three states:


The client is up-to-date on ranking & feedback.

Needs Activity

The client is a little behind on ranking & feedback.


The client is not active at all and the contest is not likely to go well until further client participation occurs.

How to make your Contest Active

Two things must be done:

  1. Update your rankings.
  2. Leave more feedback.

If you go to your contest page, and hover or touch the (?) beside "Needs Activity"  the required levels of activity will be presented.

In the above example all the client needs do some rankings, and leave one more feedback comment and the contest will return to the Active or Green state.

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