Feedback: Success Factor #2

The Importance of providing Feedback Comments

Designers thrive on feedback
Your dedication to detailed and frequent feedback will attract entries.  Elite Designers pay attention to the amount of quality feedback in a contest. Considering your brand will likely be around for a long time, the time you will put in will be worth it. 
When to leave feedback

Leave feedback regularly (daily is highly recommended). If you must be away for some reason please communicate this in the contest discussion.

Delayed or a lack of feedback

Without regular feedback your contest status will be be labelled as "Inactive" until you update your feedback and rankings.  Designers will usually ignore a consistently inactive contest.

Productive Feedback

  • Be specific with your feedback. Explain why something is 'good,' 'great' or 'awesome'. You will encourage further creativity.

Counterproductive Feedback

  • Saying nothing is the worst form of feedback.
  • Giving overly negative feedback such as ‘I could do this myself’ is counterproductive and will discourage designers from participating. The Designers appreciate frank yet professional comments.
  • Please do not ask Designers to include elements from the designs of others. This includes unique font treatments, icons, shapes, and in some cases, layout of elements. Requesting similar colors is the only similar element a client may request.

How to leave Feedback from the Ranking Page

1.  Visit your contest page.

2.  Click on the ranking tab.

3.  Place your mouse over a logo, and click the magnifying lens in the lower right hand corner.

4.  Leave your feedback comments in the box.

5.  Optional:  You can also use the Markup Tools to draw on the logo with a pencil tool, or use the annotation tool to leave text notes in specific spots.  

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