Ranking: Success Factor #1

The Importance of Ranking

Your active participation will be a key factor to your contest's success.

Rank new designs at least once each day. Ranking prevents your contest from going idle. Active contests attract more Designers.

How to get to your ranking page

1.  Please login, if you aren't already.  (https://logotournament.com/login)

2.  You can get to your contest page by clicking My Contest:  

3.  On your contest page, click on the Ranking tab:

The green badge count indicates the number of new logos.

The Ranking Page

The ranking process consists of dragging logos from the Incoming Logos box to the Ranked Logos or Not Interested box.

Incoming Logos: All new logos will arrive here.

Ranked Logos: This is where you will place your logos that you are interested in and rank them in order of preference.. You'll notice a small text label 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. to indicate each logo's ranking.

Not Interested: This is where you will place logos that you are not interested in.  It should be used if a designer is going in the wrong direction.  If the majority of a designer's entries keep getting placed in this box they are less likely to continue with your contest.   Note: Logos can be moved out of this box and into Ranked as long as the Designer has not withdrawn it.

How to update your rankings


Place your mouse over the middle of the logo and drag the logo from the Incoming box to the Ranked logos or Not Interested box.


Place your finger on the logo and drag it.

How to enlarge a logo


Place your mouse over the logo, and a magnifying lens will appear in the lower right hand corner which can be clicked.


Tap the logo and a larger version will apear.

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