Files You Will Receive

Files you will receive from the winning designer

The following files are uploaded to the site and will remain on the site indefinitely:
AI, EPS Industry-Standard Vector Files
  • AI and EPS vectors scale infinitely without any loss of quality.
  • Used by designers, printers, and creators of secondary products such as clothing, bags, or other "swag".
  • The designer will reduce the file to curves or outlines.  This means that your file does not have embedded text that can be edited. 
  • Typically not viewable on most  computers or devices unless special software is installed.

PDF Vector File

  • Can be used in similar applications as AI & EPS.
  • Easy to view on most computers and devices.
SVG Vector File 
  • SVG vectors scale infinitely without any loss of quality.
  • Are typically used on websites, but can be used in many other applications.
  • Can be be viewed on most devices by opening in your web browser.
  • Stored in pixel, dots, bitmap, or raster format and does not scale larger without degrading.
  • Easy applications for social media, websites, desktop printable documents, etc.
  • Standard size will be 1000x800 pixels
  • Easy to use and viewable on any device.

PNG (Transparent)

  • Transparent PNG which is useful for placing the logo on website backgrounds and similar applications.  

Variations of the winning logo that can be requested

Upon Client request the Designer is required to provide the following logo variations: 

  • White Background
  • Colored Background
  • Black & White
  • Solid Colors (if the logo contains gradients or other effects)

Designers are not required to make any other changes other than those listed above; however, they may agree to make other changes for an extra fee.

Additional file format may be available for a fee by working directly with the winning designer

If you require files outside of the scope of our Standard file package you can contact the designer directly by visiting their profile page and sending them a message.
If you have any concerns about file formats please Contact support.  In almost every case we will be able to help you get what you need.

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