Money-back guarantee

There is a 97-98% chance you won't need our Money-back guarantee if you are actively participating in your contest.

Participating means keeping your Incoming Logos box empty and leaving comments for designers.

Statistically our contests have a high rate of success.  If you are participating in your contest it's going to be highly unlikely that you will require a refund.  Most refunds are due to contest holders that are unable to participate in their contests due to unforeseen circumstances.

Free Extensions

If your contest isn't going in the right direction it's a good idea to have our staff take a look. You can also request a free extension. Usually some brief improvements and additional direction to designers can turn things around.  If that doesn't work you can use our Money Back Guarantee:

Money-Back Guarantee

  1. If you did not receive at least 30 unique entries, you will receive a 100% refund.  
  2. If you received more than 30 unique entries, you will receive your payment back less a $75 USD Participation fee that goes directly to the #1 designer.

The number of unique designs is assessed by looking at the number of separate entries that look different from each other.  Variations will not be counted as a unique logo.

This policy is in place to minimize your chance of being unsatisfied and to build a high level of confidence in your logo contest. This will attract the highest quality designers.  

In both cases LogoTournament does not retain any fees. We believe we should not be earning anything if a client doesn't walk away happy.

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