Surveys – Get feedback from co-workers, clients, and friends

Surveys Overview

Surveys allow you to get feedback from co-workers, clients, and friends.

  • Surveys become available during the Finalists phase. 
  • At least five logos must be ranked for the Survey tab to appear. 
  • Multiple surveys can be created as the contest progresses.

Note: Surveys are not available during the Blind phase because they could be shared outside the site and the contest's "Blindness" could be compromised.

How to create a Survey

1.  Login.

2.  Visit your Contest page.

3.  Click the Surveys Tab

4.  Select the type of Survey:

a)  Select logos

This is a good option if you are already have some favorites and would like to see what others think.

Your top 12 logos from your ranking are shown.  You can select up to six by clicking on each logo.  

b) Include all logos
If you don't have any favorites yet, and have a larger audience that you will be sharing the survey with, this can be a good option.

5.  Share your survey

Your survey is now created, and ready to share in three different ways:

Copy a link

Great for sharing in any format you would like such as text messages, email, social networks, corporate portals, etc.

Share Socially

3. Forward our email
An email will go to your address on file which you can then easily forward.

How to view your Surveys

1.  Visit your Contest page.

2.  Click the Surveys tab.

3.  Click the Survey link.

4.  View your survey results!

Tip:  Most clients that use Surveys run multiple surveys throughout their contest.  Usually they start out with a survey with plenty of choices, and then narrow down the field with later surveys.

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